About Us

About Us

Refined Elegance, Personal Touch

It’s time to step into a world where elegance meets personalization at A&M CLEARWATER NAILS & LASHES. Our boutique salon is an oasis of tranquility and beauty, dedicated to elevating your aesthetic charm. We combine the latest trends with classic techniques, ensuring each treatment from a subtle lash lift to a bold nail design is a reflection of your unique style and grace.

A Symphony of Beauty Services

At A&M CLEARWATER NAILS & LASHES, our palette of services is composed like a symphony, each note carefully selected to create harmony and beauty. Whether you’re seeking the perfect set of sculpted nails, dreamy lash extensions, or a revitalizing skincare treatment, our skilled artisans use only premium products to deliver impeccable results. Our commitment to your beauty is matched only by our commitment to the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

Tailored Experiences, Lasting Impressions

Our mission goes beyond providing exquisite nails and lashes. We strive to curate tailored experiences that resonate with your personal beauty narrative. With personalized consultations, we listen, we adapt, and we execute with precision – all to leave a lasting impression that will make A&M CLEARWATER NAILS & LASHES your cherished beauty destination.


Celebrate With Us

Whether it’s a bridal shower or a birthday bash, our salon becomes your private haven for celebration. Indulge in complimentary fruits, refreshing drinks, and sparkling champagne as we pamper you and your guests. And there’s more – every party is gifted with exclusive A&M treats, making your day not just an appointment, but an event to remember. Let us add a touch of glamour to your festivities!